Monday, September 13, 2010

Passion Conference SP 2010

There we go...

I saw a powerful devotion by the Passion movement of college students, this was sacred assembly - a time set apart to worship, fast and seek the Lord. Thousands of students gathered on the field that day to consecrate themselves and pursue the glory of God in the nations of this world. Large events aren't automatically the most profound, but this one TRULY WAS. There were moments of heightened celebration as we rejoiced in the saviour. There were times oh "selah", where we quieted our hearts and let the stillness remind us He is God. And there were moments of facedown worship. Here were a people consumed with the glory of God, and everything they saw of Him propelled them to their knees in an extended act of lowly worship. the movement called Passion lived up to its name that day. It was Passion accompanied by reverence; celebration accompanied by submisison.

[Matt Redman]


  1. Glory to God. He is still refreshing anointing. That his glory is in our lives every day. That this generated strong, every day will be impacted by the power of God. He bless you, love the blog. It is the peace of Christ.

    G34 - Apostolic Generation

  2. Que massa Malu!
    Fico bastante feliz em perceber o quanto Deus operou na sua neste evento.
    Deus abençoe sempre mais!
    A IBMB sente saudades sua (eu tb)

  3. I love the slides that have the words in English and Portugese. It looks like a wonderful time for all. God bless you in your studies Malu